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NVISO ApkScan - Scan Android applications for malware. As an alternative, you can give VirusTotal a try. It works similar to NVISO and lets you scan APK files for viruses. If you doubt a particular APK file for malware, then simply upload it to NVISO apkScan and it will tell you whether it’s safe or not. Nviso apkscan - scan android applications for malware.

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NViso ApkScan. Scan the APK with NViso ApkScan and get a detailed report of the file. Decompile Java. Decompile the Java source code and examine exactly what it's doing.

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There's a guide on how you can do this here. Permissions. Look at the permissions the app is asking for and determine whether they look suspicious. NViso ApkScan: As the name suggests, if you’re looking for an APK scanning platform then there is nothing like this. Make sure to download and install the platform on your device.

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Tap on the option “Choose File”. Select your file in the browser dialogue box. Tap on “Scan it”. Sit back and wait for the results.

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Quixxi. Quixxi is focused on providing mobile analytics, mobile app protection & recovery revenue loss. If you are just looking to do a vulnerability test, then you can upload your Android or iOS application file here.. The scan may take a few minutes, and once done, you will get a vulnerability report overview.

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future internet Article PACER: Platform for Android Malware Classification, Performance Evaluation and Threat Reporting † Ajit Kumar 1,*, Vinti Agarwal 2, Shishir Kumar Shandilya 1, Andrii Shalaginov 2, Saket Upadhyay 1 and Bhawna Yadav 1 1 School of Computing Science and Engineering, VIT University Bhopal, Bhopal 466114, India; (S.K.S.); (S.U NVISO.